5 Ways to Go Green and Save

Maintaining a green event plan doesn’t have to be a costly project to take on.  Today’s technology has provided us with the tools to create and implement eco-friendly event practices at affordable rates.  By integrating low cost event technology with project management tools, organizations can save money and organize events more effectively.  Centralizing event and donor information into one database will minimize miscommunication between employees and guests, retrieve information faster, and access vital event information through a secure internet access.

“Green technology has become an important part of the events industry,” said David Hassan of Events.org.  “Organizations spend more on printing than needed, and by placing event materials and registration online, printing costs are nearly wiped away leaving more money to go towards an organization’s cause.”

Take advantage of five easy and budget friendly steps to go green and save:

Go Green and Save

1.      Be creative with eInvites: Design your own invitations or use one of the many templates available from mass marketing software.  eInvites help reduce the cost of printing, postage,saving your organization some green.

2.      Save trees by going electronic: Reduce unnecessary waste by switching from paper auction booklets and bid sheets to touch screen and iPad bidding devices, online catalogs, and online auctions.  Each touch screen and iPad can be uploaded with a complete list of items up for auction, eliminating the need for bid sheets.  Guests can easily check on auction items by logging into their private account to view items and their current bidding standing.  Electronic auctions not only save on paper but maintain the look and feel of a high profile event at a low competitive cost.

3.      Save time with online registration: Online registration saves valuable time and resources by eliminating paper and printing costs.  Registration information can be uploaded and stored into an easy to use database with your CRM provider.  Direct guests to a personalized registration website where attendees can register to attend an event, purchase tickets, sponsorships and raffle tickets, donate to your organization, and view the online auction catalog.  Online registration also provides you with an additional vehicle to promote your high dollar event sponsors by placing multiple logos online.

4.      Solicitations made simple with DonationXchange: The newest addition to Events.org, DonationXchange (DX) brings together donors and nonprofit organizations into one common marketplace.  DX allows nonprofit organizations, schools, and charities to electronically submit donation requests to partnered organizations rather than soliciting each organization individually, saving both time and money.  Donors can electronically review and track incoming requests for donations, approve or decline requests, and maximize their sponsorship investments by managing monthly and annual campaigns, and budget and impact analysis online through one system.

5.      i-Conference: An interactive media tool that can be used for conference networking, managing schedules, accessing meeting materials, creating customized pre and post event surveys, maintaining vendor contact information and much more.  Maximize your conferences without sacrificing valuable work time.

Ok.  So the last two solutions may be through Events.org, but we highly recommend them.  Feel good about being organized all the while you’re helping the planet.  Go green!


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