Resolutions – Always Just for Yourself?

The New Year’s Resolution.  We come across it every year.   Get fit.  Eat healthy.  Dress better.  Companies make billions off of it.

Not to pat ourselves on the back, but we’re pretty excited that we upheld our resolutions from last year.  There has been a newsletter released every quarter, two new blogs with entries every week, and we’ve updated/streamlined our iBid process.  But when we look back, we realize that we made our resolutions about ourselves…granted all of our improvements over the year are geared toward our clients…but in what way have we truly resolved anything?

This year we have dedicated our New Year’s resolution to the community. We resolve to give back. We are leading our efforts by offering DonationXchange to any and all museums free of charge.  Hopefully, if more museums are able to streamline their donation process, giving out more passes to the community to experience history, culture, and more, we will have given back.

What is your resolution this year?  Is it all about you?  Or are you willing to make a resolution that will positively affect others?


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