CSR Educational Programs

The DonationXchange software suite provides tools to companies and organizations that give back to the community.  The premium package focuses on the tracking and reporting of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. CSR is a fairly new phenomenon, so we thought we would share some CSR educational programs that may be of benefit to you.  Happy learning!

UC Berkley has an extension program focused on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting. Their website describes the program as follows: “Upon successful completion of the program, you understand the principles of sustainability management and impact of climate change law on businesses and governments. You are able to make assessments, compile professional reports, take on a leadership role in communicating to stakeholders and focus your career in this innovative field of the growing green economy.”

Southern New Hampshire Universityoffers an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility.  They describe their program as, “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly seen as a key component of corporate strategy, evidenced by the increase in CSR senior-level positions at major companies.  Our MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility produces graduates who are well versed in the “triple bottom line”: people, planet and profit. With your MBA CSR degree you will be able to critically evaluate corporate social responsibility and business ethics issues relative to a range of management disciplines, industries, and external environments.”

Pepperdine University offers a 2 day certificate program in Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility.  Pepperdine describes the certificate program as, “The Certificate in Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility is a two-day program focused on teaching business leaders the complexities of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethics, and how these tie into producing a superior product that generates financial growth. The program goes a step beyond “the triple bottom line” – People, Planet, Profits – and adds a fourth factor to the equation: Product. Delivery of a quality product or service is essential for a sustainable competitive advantage in any business.”

Harvard Business School hosts a program called, Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategies to Create Business and Social Value.  The program is described as, “This intensive program focuses on the practices of companies that have successfully created business and social value through focused, aligned, and integrated CSR programs. It provides the practical knowledge and insight you need to improve decision-making, leverage partnerships, manage risk, and measure performance.”

Colorado University‘s Leed School of Business has an entire center for CSR called the Center for Education on Social Responsibility (CESR).  According to CU, “CESR is a curriculum initiative designed to prepare the students of tomorrow to meet the ethical business challenges of today. The current business world poses a highly competitive, globally connected environment which, to be successful, requires ample preparation. CESR is responsible for the infusion of values discussions throughout the required curriculum at the undergraduate level, and the offering of cutting-edge electives and social responsibility classes for MBA students.


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