Top Auction Items Requested from Companies

Year-round, charities solicit donation items.  Let us take a look at which items are most commonly sought after by charities for their upcoming auctions.

  • The local staple – If your guests would be going to a local restaurant or store regardless of the auction, the “local staple” is a great item to have in an auction.  Guests will be happy to bid on this item because they would have been spent their money there regardless. The “local staple” is a highly sought after item.
  • Tickets to a cultural event – The latest musical or play is a great draw.  Guests will be happy to have experienced the latest headlining cultural event making this a highly requested item.  Bonus points for an in-demand or sold-out show.
  • Tickets to a local professional or collegiate game – Makes for a great guys night out.  Hey, it makes for a great girls night out.  It’s a great gift.  Colleges and professional sports teams carry a brand name, making an easy sell for charities.
  • Airfare and Hotel Stays– What’s more appealing than vacation?  Experiences are a great way for guests to bid on something that isn’t going to clutter their house or sit on a shelf.

Although these items may be the most universal items requested, it is fun to see organizations that think outside of the box.  Some fun auction items we have seen in the past include an “Instant Wine Cellar” – members of the board each donate a bottle or two of their favorite wines, supplying a large lot for potential bidders; “Race Car Driver for a Day” – a guest is invited to ride with a professional driver on a closed course; “Adopt-a-barrel” – guests have naming rights to a barrel of wine/whiskey and then first option of bottles produced from it; and “Play in an All-star Game” – guests get to bid on roster spots for an all-star flag football game with former/present athletes who have volunteered to play and support the cause.



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