Overcoming Objections

This month our team participated in a workshop on how to overcome objections heard on outreach calls.  Our goal at DonationXchange is to help companies maximize their community impact as easily and cost efficiently as possible.  In our minds, who wouldn’t want such a fabulous solution? We’re riding in on a white horse to save them time and money!
One of our takeaways is that our approach had been all wrong.  We had been calling, emailing, mailing, messaging, you name it with the same message: “We’re great! Your life will be so much better having us in it.”  Our outreach needed to become a conversation, a two-way street.  Instead of telling the companies all of the ways we could help, we need to learn in what ways they need help.  By listening to their needs, we can now communicate the best ways we can help.
So we started taking notes of the most common objections: “We already have a system in place” and “I’m too busy right now.”  With these responses, we’ve learned to collect information that not only helps us understand their current needs and position but  also creates a gateway to starting a conversation about how we can help them meet their needs.
When you receive an objection, remember: it’s not about you, it’s about them.   The more information you can gather, the more opportunities you have given yourself to lend a helping (and convenient) hand.

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