Building Community

Much of today’s corporate social responsibility efforts can, and most likely intentionally, be spun as an advertising campaign.  After all, business is business, and profit is the bottom line. But beyond the external benefits of acknowledging and nurturing the community, corporations can also use their CSR programs to build community within their workforce.

Employees from different departments and different levels become a part of something meaningful when they join forces to do charitable work together.  Not only do office-wide service opportunities allow potential for employees to be put in leadership positions they otherwise wouldn’t be in, but it also encourages cross-team communication.  Employees break away from their cubicles and show off skills away from the desk.

New leaders will rise through the ranks, mentorships will develop, and friendships will be made.  Most importantly, a sense of community is established when companies ask their employees to come together outside of the office.  Employees feel engaged, encouraged, and appreciated, and giving back to the community is a mood-booster in and of itself.  Happy employees are more productive.


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