Upcoming CSR Conference: 2012 Social Enterprise Conference


Friday, October 5th, The Social Enterprise Program of the Columbia Business School (Columbia University – New York) will host the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference.  According to the conference website, the conference ” brings together thought leaders from across private, nonprofit, public, and academic sectors to share best practices, debate critical issues, and collaborate on innovative concepts to inspire change. Through interactive sessions, keynote speakers, workshops, a pitch competition, and networking opportunities, the conference presents guests with the opportunity to partake in the most important business and societal conversation of this new era.”

The conference will be located at Lerner Hall, Columbia University (2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027).    Keynote speakers at this year’s conference include Paul Farmer (Partners In Health), Chris Hayes (MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes), Fernando Fabre (Endeavor Global), Joe Sibilia (CSRwire.com), Richard Hall (Intel Corporation), Jennifer Crozier (IBM), and Caroline Roan (Pfizer). For more information regarding the schedule of the conference and talking points of the speakers, please visit http://www.columbiasocialenterprise.org/conference2012/schedule/. 

In addition to the normal sessions held at the conference there will be a Social Venture Pitch Competition in collaboration with Jalia Ventures and Serious Change.  Three entrepreneurs will give a five-minute pitch regarding their enterprise to a panel of three judges.  Professor Ron Gonen will moderate and the audience will also vote for a cash prize winner.

To register for the event, click here.

Speakers at this year’s conference include Christopher Aidun (E+Co), Robert Annibale (Citi), Donnel Baird (Columbia Business School student and Echoing Green BMA Fellow), Diana Barrett (The Fledgling Fund), Izzet Bensusan (Karbone), Professor Melissa Berman (Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.), Kythzia Barrera (Universidad Iberoamericana), Professor Travis Bradford (Prometheus Institute for Sustainable Development), Phil Buchanan (Center for Effective Philanthropy),  Scott Budde (Better Harvest Federal Credit Union), Professor Antony Bugg-Levine (Nonprofit Finance Fund), Kate Campana (Malaria No More), Steve Corneli (NRG Energy), Payal Dalal (Standard Chartered), Cathy Dolan (Opportunity Finance Network), Andrea Flynn (MAC AIDS Fund), Professor Ron Gonen (RecycleBank), Sam Gregory (WITNESS), Chuck Harris (Edna McConnell Clark Foundation), Professor Geoffrey Heal (Columbia Business School), Anita Househam (United Nations Global Compact), Jeannine Jacokes (Community Development Bankers Association), Simon Kilmurry (American Documentary), Alina Kogan (Powerhive),   Michael Tsan (Dalberg), Professor Bruce Usher (Columbia Business School), Bryan T. Wagner (Morgan Stanley), Professor John Walker (Columbia University), Lisa Williams (Imprint Capital Advisors), Garrett van Ryzin (Columbia University), Scott Vitters (The Coca-Cola Company), and Yasmina Zaidman (Acumen Fund).


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