What is DonationXchange? And How Can It Help You?

DonationXchange is an innovative data management platform designed to streamline and enhance your organization’s community outreach program. The DonationXchange system is entirely online, thus, it eliminates donation related paperwork and streamlines communications. Real time reports measure the direct impact your organization makes on the community, and custom forms filter out non-qualifying applicants. Our robust system can do it all; DonationXchange can make your community programs outstanding.

How We Can Help You

Our platform was developed to  provide web-based solutions to companies and organizations, allowing our clients to touch more lives by minimizing costs, increasing efficiency, and simplifying the donation process  to donors.

DonationXchange Features

  • Filter special appearance and donation requests, and grant proposals
  • Electronically review, accept, and reject requests and proposals
  • Generate custom emails to notify community organizations of request status
  • Track monthly and annual budgets and campaign progress
  • Record player appearances and employee volunteer hours
  • Run full reports on all requests, grants, donations, volunteer hours, available inventory
  • Calculate your organization’s comprehensive impact on the community; utilize data for brand-focused marketing
  • Generate year-end contribution reports for tax and accounting purposes

DonationXchange Benefits

Boost Branding – A notable CSR program builds a stronger, more valuable brand
Cut Costs – Eliminate postage and paper, and reallocate valuable employee hours to new projects
Go Green – Directly affect the environment; reduce energy needed for printing, packaging, and shipping
Deliver Dreams – Focus CSR efforts on organizations that best match your giving profile and resources

If you would like a personalized demonstration of our services, please email Christi@donationx.org,  and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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