Groove With Us

Every Monday is #MusicMonday! Each week DonationXchange will share a new playlist created by someone from our office.  We’re excited…Happy listening!

Throwback Party Soundtrack       Lollapalooza 2012      Country Love      Cloudy Morning       It’s Electric      Getting Ready for Summer        Alabama Shakes – Boys & Girls       Some Bunny Loves You       April Showers       ’02-’05 Shuffle – Chill       Some Jamie Cullum Favorite Favorites      Acoustic Love       Smooth and Fun        Ladies Who Can Sing       Good Morning       Best of the 90’s       I’ve Got Rhythm       Kali’s Lazy Day Favs       Pretty       Yes.       Kids Picks       Meghan’s Christmas Shopping       80’s Flashback       Happy Holidays       November       Kali’s Chillin Favs 2       Hey There       Happy Halloween!       Meghan’s Commute       AJ’s “Let’s Party” Favorites      Kali’s Chillin Favs       Christi’s Random Favorites!       Jordan’s Indie Favorites

A special thank you to Grooveshark for making it possible to share such great music with all of you.


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