Kia motors give Green Light to CSR in Tanzania

Another good example of global CSR efforts. We’re always on the look out to pass along information regarding current CSR initiatives.

Marketing NGOs

Hats off to Kia Motors who earlier this week unveiled its five-year Corporate Social Responsibility Project that is worth as estimated $12 million (but to put that in contect the company earned $2.02 billion in 2010 alone).

In Tanzania they’re already seeing the benefits of the project with the opening of a new educational facility, the Maendeleo Secondary School at Wazo ward in Kinondoni municipality which jointly constructed by a Korean not-for-profit organization, Good Neighbours  and Kia Motors which also donated four Kia pick-up trucks for the school.

Kia Motors Chairman, Mr Cho Kwi Hyun, said the school’s construction is part of a five year project dubbed Green Light which is carried out by his company in different regions in the country. “As part of its corporate social responsibility, Kia Motors is giving something back to the society with a view to enlighten and support the less privileged in many…

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Sometimes What They Need is a Good Day

In recent years Corporate Social Responsibility has become a mainstay for large companies.  Full reports and benchmarking systems are now the norm.  In addition to the corporate standard of foundations and grants, companies now adopt pet projects and host company-wide volunteer days.  From robot-constructing contests to global environmental initiatives, these companies are going out of their way to give back to society. Continue reading

Overcoming Objections

This month our team participated in a workshop on how to overcome objections heard on outreach calls.  Our goal at DonationXchange is to help companies maximize their community impact as easily and cost efficiently as possible.  In our minds, who wouldn’t want such a fabulous solution? We’re riding in on a white horse to save them time and money! Continue reading

Encouraging Employee Participation in your CSR Efforts

DonationXchange is keeping it real…that is real-time…with friendly competition.

Make your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) participation fun and inviting. Put employees on teams to compete against one another tracking hours spent volunteering and funds raised including gift matching and Dollars for Doers. Construct an office community board that can be updated in real-time. Encourage posts such as employee anecdotes, pictures from fundraising events, and invitations to help out at upcoming volunteer days.  Creating a team-spirit atmosphere is a healthy way to bring employees together for both the causes that the company supports as well as the causes individual employees support.  Added bonus: CSR is a great team-building experience!

May I Have Your Attention, Please: Creative Ways to Give

Forty six percent of corporate giving is done with cash gifts according to the recent CECP survey 2011 Giving In Numbers. However, with more companies participating in philanthropy, CSR leaders must develop eye-catching and original programs in order to stand out from the crowd. Timberland partnered with Ringo Starr on the “Canvas that Cares” eco-footwear contest, while Groupon employed its daily deal platform for the Feeding America Grassroots campaign. Rock stars and witty copy writers turned these joint ventures into dynamic partnerships that allowed both the corporation and the partner charity to reach an expanded consumer base. The benefits of innovative philanthropy are too cool to ignore.

Groupon, Inc., in particular, is doing an exemplary job of spearheading creative giving campaigns.  In fact, Groupon’s very origins are tied to its precursor, The Point, a group action Continue reading

Why Company Sponsored Giving is Important to Me

Growing up, I was always encouraged to work with the community.  I worked in soup kitchens, helped build a house for Habitat for Humanity, sorted food at food banks, helped distribute information and items at PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), walked dogs at no-kill shelters, and raised money for literacy programs. I have found that a strength among my peers – members of the Millennial Generation – is that volunteerism is quite common. Our interest in helping the community doesn’t stop there; I just read an article on that reported “About 75 percent of young people who provided data for the 2012 Millennial Impact Report said they gave money to a nonprofit in 2011, while 70 percent said they have helped solicit donations by encouraging colleagues and others to support a cause.”

As a generation, it is not about obligation to give back, but part of who we are to want to contribute to the community, to be a part of the solution, and to educate ourselves.  These lessons bleed into how we choose and judge the companies for which we work.  Every company has its own personality, and I choose to work for a company that is giving.  Much like how one chooses friends, I have set certain standards to which my current and future employers must meet. A sense of compassion, empathy, and kindness is important to me, and I know I am not alone in this assessment.

Everyone is Getting Involved: Engage Employees to Create a Better Culture

A corporation’s identity is not only defined by its business practices, but also by the conduct of its employees. Good people are at the heart of every good corporation, and smart executives recognize that each dedicated member of their workforce is a brand ambassador. CSR is expanding to include creative programs designed to engage employees in the company as a whole. Corporate gift matching, community service days, and student mentoring programs strengthen an internal sense of community and build employee loyalty, all while contributing to the greater good at the core of CSR initiatives. Continue reading

eCertificates Now Available on DonationXchange

eCertificates are now available on DonationXchange! To make your donation request process easier, DonationXchange has integrated a new feature that allows organizations to retrieve and use certificates, tickets, and vouchers electronically.  The integration of the new feature enables you to send donated tickets and certificates instantaneously, saving you time and money.  Contact DonationXchange for more information at 877.513.7627.

Our Decision to be NCAA and MLB Compliant

During the development of DonationXchange, we noticed that features of the program would greatly benefit the athletic industry (ticket requests/player appearance requests/donation requests).  As such, we chose to proactively become NCAA compliant and to apply to be an Approved MLB Licensed Provider.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is particular about the verbiage that is used on any official website or form.  If you would like to work with an NCAA team, contact the team with whom you would like to work, and they will provide you with the necessary information and specific wording that may be required.

Major League Baseball (MLB) asks that you apply to become a licensed vendor/provider through the organization before working with any teams.  You will have to go through a series of steps with the organization as a whole before establishing a licensed partnership and the approval to contact teams directly.  Please visit the MLB Official Info page to learn more about who to contact.

We thoroughly enjoy working with both the NCAA and the MLB.  Their organizations and teams come highly recommended.


How likely are you to take a company’s corporate giving initiatives into account before making a purchase?