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Community Rehab: Milwaukee and the Walnut Way

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Last weekend I went up to Milwaukee to visit my cousin, Emily.  She is currently the Spanish teacher at Hope Academy through Teach for America (TFA).  One of her fellow TFA alums, Ashley grew up in Milwaukee and is very active in the community; Ashley had been volunteering with a neighborhood organization called the Walnut Way Conservation Corp.  So on Saturday, Ashley invited Emily and a few friends to partake in a street festival that was being held in support of the Walnut Way mission. Continue reading


May I Have Your Attention, Please: Creative Ways to Give

Forty six percent of corporate giving is done with cash gifts according to the recent CECP survey 2011 Giving In Numbers. However, with more companies participating in philanthropy, CSR leaders must develop eye-catching and original programs in order to stand out from the crowd. Timberland partnered with Ringo Starr on the “Canvas that Cares” eco-footwear contest, while Groupon employed its daily deal platform for the Feeding America Grassroots campaign. Rock stars and witty copy writers turned these joint ventures into dynamic partnerships that allowed both the corporation and the partner charity to reach an expanded consumer base. The benefits of innovative philanthropy are too cool to ignore.

Groupon, Inc., in particular, is doing an exemplary job of spearheading creative giving campaigns.  In fact, Groupon’s very origins are tied to its precursor, The Point, a group action Continue reading

Corporate Social Responsibility – Making a Difference

A recent tweet from Your Cause highlighted an article written by Aman Singh about corporate social responsibility (CSR) and company sustainability, spurring my interest in the different ways corporations give back to the community.  Considering we, here at Event.org, developed a software organizing corporate and organizational donations, this is an issue close to our own hearts as well.

One of our event staffers is an HR manager for a local Target.  Next month she is participating in the reveal of a Target sponsored rehabilitated library in an underprivileged Chicago neighborhood.  This incited me to look into Target’s CSR initiatives.  Their CSR campaign is called, “Here for Good”.

They specifically focus on the following agendas:

  • Safe Communities
  • Healthy Living
  • Commitment to Education
  • Sustainable Practices

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