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Corporate Sponsorship: Marathons

John Hancock Insurance, Adidas, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute sponsor the Boston Marathon; Bank of America sponsors the Chicago Marathon; and Amica Insurance sponsors the Seattle Marathon.  Each of these companies have found it beneficial to sponsor marathons.  Marathon participants fit into a niche market: they lead active lifestyles and are also generally driven.  Companies who see this group of people as their target market will benefit from sponsoring the run. Continue reading


Sometimes What They Need is a Good Day

In recent years Corporate Social Responsibility has become a mainstay for large companies.  Full reports and benchmarking systems are now the norm.  In addition to the corporate standard of foundations and grants, companies now adopt pet projects and host company-wide volunteer days.  From robot-constructing contests to global environmental initiatives, these companies are going out of their way to give back to society. Continue reading